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Your Coolers Are Bland You Say?


Newsstands, coolers, and hot-dog stands oh my! No object is too insignificant for custom vinyl graphics, especially when it’s your brand that is being represented. Wherever you advertise your brand or products, the displays you use should be put to work as well by grabbing the attention of potential customers and showing why they matter. Who would walk up to a plain white pushcart cooler with the urge to grab what is inside? It’s a little boring in our opinion. Plus, a plain white pushcart cooler is wasted creative space full of dreamy opportunities.

Make that cooler work for your brand with vibrant vinyl graphics. We were able to help Fanta with their displays. By adding their widely recognized logo, swirling with glowing citrus hues, we utilized the space for advertising. It’s eye-catching. That is what custom vinyl graphics can do for your brand displays as well.

Don’t think that fancy vinyl graphics are worth an arm and a leg either. At JMR Graphics, we work with your budget and find the perfect solution for your advertising challenges. Point-of-purchase and event displays are smaller advertising spaces perfect for tight budgets. Vinyl graphic advertising is a simple and cost effective method to market your brand. We want to help you succeed.

Our custom vinyl graphics are of the highest quality all the way from gargantuan wall advertisements to tiny product displays. Just because you have smaller space to work with doesn’t mean quality is thrown out the window. Your point-of-purchase graphics still come with the 3M MCS warranty and are printed with 3M quality inks and materials. When you come to JMR Graphics for help, you become part of our family. We treat each and every client with respect and believe everyone deserves the best treatment.  JMR Graphics is committed no matter big or small.

Do you have displays that need some sprucing up? Don’t be afraid to say hello.

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