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You Don’t Need To Cover It All Up to Look Good


When it comes to vinyl graphics for cars, trucks and buses, sometimes it isn’t necessary to “bling” your vehicle out from bumper to bumper. Subtlety and precision can give you the attention your brand needs without covering up a sleek paint job. It can also create a whole slew of unique ideas to portray your business. Spot Graphics are perfect for displaying your brand or product without saying goodbye to your favorite metallic silver.

JMR Graphics can deliver precision spot vinyl graphics at the highest quality to exceed any expectations. Speedo needed a special vinyl graphic for their sports water line on a Hummer. We were able to work with them to design a spot vinyl graphic that showed off their product in an eye-popping way without having to cover every angle.

At JMR Graphics, we use top of the line printers and inks that have the ability to cut with precision. For Speedo, we made sure their graphic wasn’t square and boring, but cutting-edge and unique. Having each bottle break out of the solid yellow graphic across the side of the car created a professional and artistic design worthy of any brand.

Do you want spot vinyl graphics for your company vehicles but you don’t know how to make them stand out? That is why we are here. You aren’t left alone with the design of your spot graphic while we just print it out for you. Our team will work alongside you to design jaw-dropping images and install that graphic so you don’t have to worry. With JMR Graphics, you receive 3M certified quality all the way from the material and ink to the people who work here.

Are you stumped about how to show off your brand for mobile media? Let us help and we promise you will not be disappointed with the results.

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