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Window Graphics: A great option for Startups & Small Businesses


Have a business that’s just starting out and can’t afford full car detailing? Or perhaps you have a small business that you run locally and don’t need your entire car wrapped. Regardless, window decals are a great way for businesses to market their company in a creative and affordable way.

Window decals are an innovative way to expand exposure for your company.  They can be easily put on any window and provide a great avenue for enticing future customers, some that may have had no original intention of heading into your store/business. In order to create an effective window decal, there are a few things to consider:

1)      Staying On-Brand: The best way to increase awareness for your brand is to simply, stay on-brand. This means using the same color schemes, logos, designs, etc. in everything you put in front of consumers. This will allow them to connect certain colors, sayings and symbols to your company, further increasing your brand’s awareness.

2)      Keeping Text Sweet & Simple: A catchy phrase and/or slogan can also be a vital part of an effective window decal. When deciding on your decal’s design, incorporate your company’s slogan but keep it visually-pleasing to catch consumers’ attention.

Here at JMR, we offer a wide range of materials that can be used for windows, such as clear, perforated, frosted, and more. Contact us today to see what best fits your needs.

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