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Why You Should Use Reflective Vinyl Graphics For Your Brand

PCRichard-Reflective (1)

When it comes to promoting brands, there are an overabundance of methods to choose from. Billboards are efficient… but if they are not driven by, they are not seen. Car wraps and vinyl graphics are an even better option. Alas, an issue arises when the sun sets and the dark designs that advertise flawlessly during the day, become indistinguishable. Luckily, there is a solution: reflective vinyl graphics.

Reflective vinyl graphics allow for the most exposure simply because they are visible at any time. In darkness, they illuminate bright as can be. This widens brand exposure to night owls who would miss the advertisements if it was not for reflective vinyl graphics. Ultimately, reflective vinyl graphics stand out to the naked eye. They’re perfect for car wraps, signs, and outdoor events at night.

Adding reflective vinyl graphics to basic car wraps broadens its’ audience even more. Car wraps have the ability to turn average vehicles into billboards on wheels, so it’s a no brainer that increasing nighttime visibility is effective.  Reflective graphics can be used to highlight key points on advertisements such as phone numbers, brand names, and logos.

Imagine this: it’s a dark, dreary, gloomy Monday afternoon and you’re stuck in rush hour traffic. To your left is a truck with a basic paint job of its’ company’s logo. Even when squinting, you can only make out a small picture of a blurry sandwich. To your right is a car with reflective vinyl graphics for a local restaurant. The text is clear as day and the images are so realistic that they make your stomach grumble. Which restaurant do you choose? You choose the one with the reflective vinyl ultimately because it stands out.

Reflective vinyl graphics have the power to make the workplace safer. Visibility decreases drastically at night and often makes important signs difficult to see. Adding reflective vinyl graphics rids the of lack of visibility. Reflective vinyl graphics make it impossible to miss a sign ever again. Worksites can be hazardous environments, especially past sunset. Reflective vinyl graphics prevent accidents and any other workplace mishaps that may arise due to lack of light.

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