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Why should I use vinyl graphics instead of banners?

Sobe Vinyl Wall Decals

When deciding how to advertise your business, you might be wondering what the difference was between vinyl graphics and regular banners.  On the surface, there might not appear to be much of a difference. They both advertise your brand, and they both (generally) look nice.  The differences however are much deeper than that.
1) The greatest and most glaring difference between paper banners and vinyl graphics is the quality. When you order a vinyl graphic to advertise your brand, you know that you are getting a sturdy product that will be able to withstand the elements. It will also look just as good on day 1 as it will on day 101. With banners, no matter how high heavy the paper, the quality cannot approach that of vinyl. After an extended period of time, banners will tear and become worn down. Unpredictable weather especially will shorten the lifespan of your banner.

2) Though the initial cost of paper banners might be cheaper than that of vinyl graphics, the replacement cost is much higher. As previously mentioned, vinyl graphics will look good to begin with and remain looking good for an extended period of time.  The same cannot be said of paper banners.  They might look good at first, but not long after they will need to be replaced.

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