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Why a full vehicle wrap will be more beneficial then a partial vehicle wrap

Verizon Fios Sprinter Van Vehicle Graphics

Partially wrapping your vehicle with vinyl graphics is a great step to being noticed by your customers. Fully Wrapping your vehicle with vinyl graphics is better. Vinyl graphics can be placed on just about every inch of your vehicle. So, wrapping the sides, front, rear, hood, and roof allow for a greater chance of increasing impressions. 

While a standard logo and stripping decal on the sides of your vehicle is nice, being able to use more real estate on your vehicle wrap will allow for your advertisement to be more attention getting. The average consumer is overwhelmed with the number of advertisements that they see per day, so the one’s that are remembered have to be great.

The quality of our vinyl graphics are second to none. Our experienced prepress team and our high-end printers will ensure that whatever your artwork looks like on screen, it will look the same on your vehicle. If your vehicle wrap isn’t full coverage, we suggest that you upgrade, it’ll be worth the investment.

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