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What Type of Vinyl Wrap is for You?


Many people see a small refrigerator covered with flashy art and believe it was purchased that way. What they don’t realize is that these are generally custom pieces. You can turn any object, wall, or floor, into a vast marketing opportunity simply with the purchase and application of vinyl graphics.

In the example used above, popular ice cream company Jack n’ Jill covers their customized Ice Cream refrigerators with a bright yellow wrap and some imagery of their delectable selection. This is a standard setup, Name, Slogan (“Since 1929”), and bright colors to catch the viewers attention. But these don’t have to end at objects. There is a diverse selection of wraps available, including walls, windows, and floors.

Using floor graphics, you can illustrate specific sections of a department store, advertise for some larger vendors, or even promote internal policies like rewards programs and the likes. The opportunities are endless. Vinyl graphics will forever grab attention due to the fact that they are not the most popular form of marketing. This alone creates a uniqueness that will always inspire just enough wonder to acknowledge the advertisement. This is a far higher quality impression when placed directly next to the item the ad promotes, rather than a random billboard in the center of a city full of competition.

As for window and wall graphics, the same general facts apply. Using your windows of a store to garner attention is great, as it is generally the “Face” of your store. This can pull people in, or at least having them consider stopping by. Wall graphics serve more of an internal purpose. These can be seen most popularly in Malls or Airports, as they are rather large, and generally places that are indoors with very high foot traffic.

Using techniques like these can open new revenue streams for you and your business (Advertising opportunity), create new forms of internal promotion, and drive your company’s notoriety up to where you want it to be. Don’t be taken by the most popular (and most expensive!) forms of advertising that, in the end, do nothing but break bank and deliver sub-par results. For any information on Vinyl Wraps, how they work, and how you could go about looking into them, call JMR Graphics at 1(800)378-6343.

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