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What Type of Information You Should Include On Your Business Vehicle Wrap


A vehicle wrap can be utilized for business or personal reasons. Whereas a personal vehicle wrap will showcase more of an artistic element, business vehicle wraps are more about marketing and advertising. Here are five types of information you should include on your vehicle wrap in order to best promote your brand:

Company name: Place the name of your company on your wrap, preferably on all sides, so it’s visible to onlookers. Your name should be large in size and in an easy-to-read font so it’s readable.

Company logo: Including your company logo is just as important as including your name. People who view your company vehicle will associate the name with the logo.

Contact information: Specifically be sure to include your location, website link, phone number, and any other contact information you deem important.

Design and artwork: Your vehicle wrap should include colors, images, and designs relevant to your brand. This is important for purposes of brand consistency.

Content: Do you have any company slogans? Do you want to increase exposure for a call-to-action? You don’t want to overload your vehicle wrap with writing, but you will want to include the necessary content in order to best communicate your message to the public.

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