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We Have Mass Transit Covered From Toe to Toe


Train and subway stations are wonderful places to advertise brands and products. Millions of eyes swarm through these hallways of opportunity. Of course you can go with full wall vinyl graphics and posters, but what about being a little bit more unique in your ad placement? Advertising is not confined to one location. We can be much more creative. Just don’t trip on the idea.

At JMR Graphics, we can design vinyl graphics to display in almost any area. We have installed graphics on walls, trucks, cars, windows and stairs. Yes, we said stairs. Take a gander at the image above. Our client, Bravo, needed a custom graphic for their new show Top Design. By using the back of each step in this stairway, we designed and installed an ad which allows the public eye to see the full image when approaching it. It is a clever use of space that we can utilize for your brand or product.

Is it possible for these vinyl graphics to wear away into nothingness?

Not on our watch. JMR Graphics uses 3M Certified printers and manufacturers of vinyl graphics, which are also under the 3M MCS warranty. Commuters can kick, scrape, and shuffle across your fresh new advertisement and you can sit back with zero worries. Your graphic is protected from any cracking, fading, or peeling. We want to make sure your vinyl graphics always look spectacular. Even if an issue were to ever arise, our expert installers will remove the damaged vinyl graphic and reinstall new graphics with no charge to you.

Our clients are important to us and the relationship we have with them is our top priority. So, if you want to be creative in your ad placement by using mass transit stairways, we will assist you from start to finish. You can feel safe that your graphic won’t be stomped in to the dust.

Do you have any other creative areas you would like to place an ad? Let us know. We like a challenge.

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