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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!

5-15 blog

The commute to work can be grueling. Imagine you’re sitting in traffic and you look at the car next to yours and see the image of a steaming cup of coffee. You think, “I could really use a nice cup of coffee after this long drive. Where can we get coffee machines for our office?”

That’s exactly what Weeks Lerman hopes that you’ll think when you pass their van on the road. This company advertises their coffee and breakroom supplies, but their products extend from cleaning products to printers. Their van features their company name, but also a graphic that’s sure to grab your attention. Of all their products, Weeks Lerman chose to feature a cup of coffee – that’s a smart move.

At JMR Graphics, we’ll help you get attention and get noticed, just like we did with this van. We can make your vision come to life and get your brand on the road. We’ll be there with you from start to finish. Our creative team gets you started in the art process before your project heads over to our project management team who gets your graphic printed and installed.

Do you want a new image for your company on the road? Come see us!

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