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Vehicle Wrap Statistics: What Do They Mean for Your Business?


Data is a beautiful thing for businesses of all sizes. Aside from knowing what data to collect, it is of the utmost importance to know how to use that data to benefit your business. There is no shortage of data regarding the efficacy of vehicle wraps, and each statistic demonstrates how powerful of a marketing tool vinyl graphics can be. Here are 5 examples of vehicle wrap statistics and what they mean for your business!

  1. On average, a $20,000 investment buys 8.4 million yearly impressions with vehicle wraps. With vehicle wraps, the ROI is a no brainer. With a relatively small investment, your vehicle wrap can generate countless impressions and result in more conversions. That, coupled with the fact that vehicle wraps can last up to 7 years, makes vinyl graphic wraps an extremely valuable tool for businesses!
  2. Fleet wraps increase brand recognition by 15 times the amount of any other advertising. While the immediate benefits of vehicle wraps are plentiful, there are excellent long-term benefits as well. Repeated impressions on consumers will increase their ability (and likelihood) of recalling your brand when they are in the market for your goods or service. Vehicle wraps serve as a constant reminder to consumers that your business is established and ready to work!
  3. 30% of mobile viewers state that they make purchasing decisions based on outdoor ads. This means that nearly a third of consumers on-the-go who are exposed to your branded vehicles will decide to purchase your company’s goods or services.
  4. Over 95% of Americans are reached with vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps have an extremely high reach, which ultimately increases the likelihood that new people will be exposed to your brand. Wraps reach potential consumers from all demographics, giving a business vast exposure to qualified consumers.
  5. A single vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000-70,000 impression per day. You read that correctly. Vehicle wraps reach tens of thousands of impressions per day for your business, which, again, means huge exposure for your business. To narrow it down further, if just 5% of those who see your wrap are in your target demographic, that still means that your wrap can generate up to 2,500 targeted impressions per day. If just 5% of those 2,500 take action after seeing your branded vehicles, that’s 125 new leads!!
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