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Dairy Queen Truck Graphics

You may have noticed that recently on All Wrapped Up, we’ve started examining the current trends within the industry of creating vehicle wraps.  As we have already taken an in-depth look at the popular trend of using three-dimensional graphics, as well as reflective graphics, you may be looking for something that doesn’t scream for attention, but rather attracts an equal amount of attention through subtlety.   This brings us to matte graphics. 

If you are unfamiliar with matte vinyl graphics, worry no more, because chances are that you’ve probably already seen car or truck driving down the road with a matte graphic that’s caught your eye.   This is due to the simple fact that vehicle wraps with a matte finish are so popular right now that people have started wrapping their personal vehicles with a matte graphic just to set their vehicle apart from the rest.   So if you weren’t enthralled by the three-dimensional images or reflective graphics, this subtle utilization of a matte graphic may be the choice that you want to set your brand apart from the rest with.

The effectiveness of utilizing a matte finish comes from the simple fact that a majority of cars, trucks, and buses we see on the road today are all wrapped in the same fashion.  In doing so, a majority of vehicles are wrapped in a gloss finish, making the usage of a matte finish that much more unique.

There are a number of ways to utilize a matte vinyl graphic to subtly differentiate your vehicle from the glossy majority. For example, you may have a logo that mostly consists of text, and may want a simple, clean look that only consists of your all-text logo. You can take that logo, print it in a matte finish, and then have it applied to your company vehicle atop the clear-coat, creating a contrast on the paint that was applied at the factory.  This simple contrast of matte to gloss can be done on the simplest of graphics to even the most complicated, and will set your brand apart from the rest without the extensive time required to design a vehicle graphic that appears to be 3D.

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