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Top 3 Reasons to Wrap Your Vehicle


Fleet graphics are a common, effective means of advertising.  People are exposed to numerous vehicle advertisements, be it on trucks or cars, every day.  Even though vehicle wraps are such a cost effective and impactful tool, some business owners and companies still have not taken advantage of what they have to offer.  Below are the top 3 reasons to wrap up your fleets:

1. Vehicle wraps are noticeable.

According to Media Buyers Guide, 98% of in-car audiences have reported that they take notice of fleet graphics.  These multi-colored fleets stand out against the ordinary silver, red, blue, and black vehicles on the road, grabbing the attention of every driver and passenger.  Nearly every American drives or rides some sort of vehicle at least once a week, therefore your potential reach is outstanding.

2. Your massive reach to an attentive audience.

Marketers have tirelessly tried to get their brand out there through television ads, magazine ads, etc.  However, the consumer will more times than not find themselves flipping past that print ad and changing the channel during that commercial.  With fleet graphics, this is no longer an issue.  Vehicle graphics cannot be turned off, so your fleet will be working for you 24/7.

3. Vehicle wraps are the most cost effective form of advertising.

Compared to other common forms of advertising such as TV, magazine, newspaper, or even outdoor ads, fleet graphics are by far the most cost effective.

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