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‘Tis the Season To Be Advertising

1113 blog

The holiday season will soon be here which means it’s the time of sardine-packed retail stores, seemingly endless traffic and traveling galore. While most see these things as holiday nuances, we see them as great advertising opportunities!

As we said above, the holiday season is a time of increased traffic on the roads, in travel hubs, and in stores. From an advertising perspective this means getting way more bang for your buck. No matter what type of graphic advertisement you prefer, it will see increased visibility this time of year.

Here at JMR we create all types of high-quality vinyl graphics. The list includes car wraps, window graphics, floor graphics and window graphics. While there is no choice that is better than the other, we would like to highlight some graphics that your business might benefit most from based on your company’s size and industry:

Small, local businesses:  Small, local businesses can benefit most from car vinyl wraps. The “advertising car” will be driven around your place of business upping visibility where it matters most, in your community!

Large Retail businesses: Large retail businesses can benefit from outdoor wall and window graphics. Your costumers do not need to be sold on your products; they likely already know who you are! Instead of information-filled graphics, we suggest utilizing our vibrant, eye-catching vinyl window and outdoor wall graphics to remind your costumers to visit your store.

Large Service Businesses: Service businesses can benefit from indoor wall and floor graphics. Service-based businesses usually need to convey a bit more information to customers than retail businesses do. For this reason, we suggest using floor graphics to get your brand in the minds of potential customers and wall graphics to display all the information they need to know about why they need your service. Our experience tells us that floor and wall graphics make a great combination!

Contact us today so we can create your advertisement now and capitalize on the holiday season together!

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