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Three Ways to Utilize Vinyl Graphics to Boost Customer Conversion

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Drawing attention is important for businesses, but if that attention doesn’t lead to sales, what’s the point? High conversion rates can be difficult to achieve, but vinyl graphics make it easy. Whether they are applied to vehicles or permanent locations, vinyl graphics get the job done. Brick and mortar graphics, car wraps, truck wraps, trailer wraps, and bus graphics all have one thing in common: they catch the attention of the right people and draw a high volume of traffic. Follow these three tips and watch your businesses’ success skyrocket, thanks to vinyl graphics. 

  1. Buy Now! Call-to-action messaging gives consumers an instant reason to do business with your company. If you want your audience to act immediately, use words such as today, build, now, start, and learn on your vinyl graphics. These words give people a clear incentive to spend their hard-earned money on your product or service. Trailer wraps and vehicle graphics containing CTAs boost conversion rates, especially when they contain contact information. Including your phone number, email address, and/or website link gives people the means to reach out to you while your ad is fresh in their mind.
  2. $30 Off Any Purchase Over $100, Deal Ends 8/1 You did it! Patrons are in your store, admiring your products, and contemplating purchasing them. What can you do to convince these people to buy from you and not your competitors? It’s simple, you can use vinyl graphics to display promotional messages to customers. Vinyl graphics can be applied in windows, on floors, on marketing floor-stands and at points of purchase. Promotional messaging creates a sense of urgency. It tells people that there is a deal and they need to take advantage of it fast before it goes away. Try promotional messaging for yourself with vinyl graphics. Sit back, relax, and watch your conversion rates rapidly rise.
  3. A Picture Speaks 1,000 Words When it comes to vinyl graphics, this English idiom is extremely relevant. Using high-quality photographs for your businesses’ vinyl wraps portrays a positive image for your brand. If you use low-grade photography, consumers will think the same of your business. Consistency builds trust so make sure that everything with your brand’s name on it is something that you’re proud of.
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