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Three Ways to Protect Your Vehicle Wrap from the Summer Sun


Vehicle wraps are the perfect way to promote your business everywhere you go, especially during the summer months. People are driving more than ever; road tripping, traveling to the beach, and even going for joy rides to enjoy the beautiful weather. Before going out in the sun, it’s vital to apply sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Similar precautions must be taken to protect your car wrap from those same harmful UV rays. Sun exposure may cause vinyl vehicle wraps to become dull. The sun can take a toll on your car wrap, but only if you let it. Follow these three simple steps to keep your car wrap looking brand new for years to come.

  1. Park in the shade! It’s simple, if your vehicle isn’t parked in the sun, the sun can’t damage your car wrap. UV rays are extremely harmful, but luckily there are alternatives to parking in the sun. Parking garages provide complete protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Another alternative is parking under trees. Trees provide shade and limit the amount of UV rays that can reach your vehicle.
  2. Make sure to use vinyl-safe waxes and protective sprays! Vinyl-safe waxes are available to purchase at most automotive supply stores and car washes. They are produced without the ingredient that damages car wraps know as petroleum distillate. Protective spray is also a simple way to avert the damage of UV rays.
  3. Have your car wrap applied vertically! When car wraps are applied vertically, it makes it much more difficult for UV rays to penetrate them. Horizontally applied vehicle wraps allow for the sun’s rays to penetrate the seams of the wraps. Vertical application will ensure that your vehicle wrap will not become dull during the summer months.
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