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There is a New Advertising Space Trend Afoot—Floor Wraps

Love Guru-Floor

The newest, hottest advertising space available has been under our noses all this time – it is the floor. Floors of shopping malls, salons, retail stores, and transit areas are slowly being covered with creative, effective advertisement wraps.

The idea behind this type of marketing is simple. While walking, most peoples’ eyes tend to fall towards the floor in order to see where they are going. This simple fact has many saying that floor advertisements will be the future of advertising.

Another reason floor advertisements are so growingly popular is that they allow for endless creativity. Many can even create a 3D effect by manipulating the depth of the image and where they begin and end. These wraps are not only a cheaper form of advertisement with a high return on investment, but they are also quite durable. Another reason floor wraps are a huge hit is that they are still considered a somewhat untapped territory. Most companies are still advertising at eye-level, completely unaware of the versatility, cost effectiveness, and unique character of floor wraps.

Here at JMR Graphics, we can help you ‘floor’ your clients with unique, high-quality floor wraps.

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