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The Versatility of Vinyl Graphics


Many companies use vehicle graphics to brand their fleet or individual cars. The benefits of having one or more branded vehicles are numerous, one of which is the versatile nature of vinyl graphics. Whether you’re branding a single car or a fleet of 18-wheelers, your design options are virtually limitless with vehicle wraps. Here are just three of the ways that vinyl graphics are so versatile:

  1. Vinyl graphics can be molded to fit to almost any shape. Given the fact that vinyl graphics are often used to cover the curves and contours of vehicles, it’s not groundbreaking news that they are capable of being shaped to fit many surfaces. The important thing to remember, however, is that this principle can be applied to other surfaces besides cars and trucks. Vinyl wraps can be used on trains, PoP advertisements, and even walls.
  2. Vinyl graphics can withstand environmental factors. Regardless of where your business is located, there’s a very good chance that a vinyl wrap will be able to endure the environmental pressures. While it is not advisable to leave your wrap exposed to the elements 24/7 – and provided that it was installed correctly – it can withstand anything from snow to extreme heat. The graphic even acts as a barrier between your car and any potentially harmful environmental conditions.
  3. Vinyl graphics can mimic any texture. Before you consider getting expensive custom paint jobs on your vehicles or purchasing a banner, remember that vinyl graphics can do the same job for less money. Any texture or color can be recreated in a graphic design setting and, therefore, can be applied to your vinyl graphic. Whether it’s matte, stone, wood, or metal, vinyl graphics can replicate exactly what you’re looking for.
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