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The More the Merrier!


What is the only thing better than a wrapped vehicle? An entire fleet of wrapped vehicles!

Our individual vehicle wraps are great at drawing consumers’ attention with eye-popping vinyl graphics. However, the best way to establish brand recognition is through persistent advertising and the best way to advertise persistently is in numbers.

You way think it is simple math, two wrapped cars given double the exposure. Conversely, the benefits of “mobile billboards”, in terms of impressions, are actually exponential. This means that as you add a wrapped vehicle to your fleet, your fleet’s advertising power grows significantly. Just think about it, if you see a wrapped vehicle once, you may not remember it. As the number of times you see the same advertising increases, your chance of remembering it increases ten-fold.

Take for example the Oracle fleet of vehicles shown in the picture above. Imagine how powerful a presence the Oracle fleet would be when traveling together. Even individually, the cars of the Oracle fleet are eye-catching and due to their sheer numbers, consumers all over the community in which the fleet is situated are guaranteed to be impressed by the persistent “mobile billboards”.

Vinyl vehicle wraps are the best advertising strategy for companies that are looking to increase brand visibility on a budget. JMR’s expert team of designers will be sure to turn your plain cars into advertising machines. A team of JMR custom- wrapped vehicles is a surefire way to get your brand name out there today. Contact us today to learn more!

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