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The Many Benefits of ‘Fleet Advertising’


Company vehicles are common with businesses worldwide, but all too often we see a plain white box truck, or an SUV/Sedan with only a bumper sticker to represent their business. Advertising through your fleet of vehicles has multiple benefits many never consider.

It’s Subtle, Therefore More Willfully Accepted
Interruptions are not something we as consumers look forward to on a daily basis. Today consumers fast forward through commercials, develop banner-ad blindness, and skip any web ad that awards them the opportunity. Graphically aesthetic and colorful vinyl wraps can be appreciated

It’s Cost Effective
Traditional advertising costs could run up into the high five figure range, sometimes even six. Vinyl Wraps are only a fraction of the cost, easily changeable/removeable, and protect the factory paint job, which will keep your re-sale value consistent.

It Provides Quality Local Advertising
Whether you are driving around taking care of personal things, or conducting day to day operations, you are always advertising to the area around your business. When you are stuck in traffic, or not even driving the vehicle, it will act as an attention grabbing tool that will spark interest in your product or service.

Frankly, It’s Out of the Ordinary
If your mission is to grab your customers attention, this is an effective approach. People are accustomed to seeing solid color vehicles throughout their average day. When you introduce a colorful graphic with an effective message on a more abstract medium, your consumers won’t easily forget it.

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