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The Best Practices for Using Vinyl Graphics for a Launch or Promotion

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Congratulations, your business is holding a grand opening, a launch, or a limited time promotion! This is the perfect time for you to utilize the wonders of vinyl graphics. Vinyl graphics are the most cost-effective way to establish brand awareness, create demand, drive traffic, and simply get attention. They can be applied to trucks, cars, SUVs, trailers, and even brick and mortar locations. Follow these tips and your truck wraps, car graphics, and trailer graphics will deliver a high impression count and return on investment.

  • Only Trust the Best Vinyl graphics will often be the first glimpse of your business that people get. Because of this, you must make sure they are high quality and visually appealing. When choosing who produces your car wraps, vehicle graphics, or trailer wraps, it’s important to use a professional who is backed with a reliable warranty and in one of the thirty-nine Certified 3M Printers and Manufacturers of Vinyl Graphics in the United States.
  • CTAs Work, Use Them! Including a call-to-action encourages people to act now. Creating an incentive increases the probability of consumers spending their money with your business. Use language that creates urgency on your vinyl graphics and you will notice immediate results. 
  • Consistency Is Key All of your advertisements should look visually similar. A consistent brand aesthetic helps consumers remember who you are and what you offer.
  • Stay Away from Clutter The design of your trailer wraps, car graphics and brick and mortar graphics should be simple. When too much is going on, it is overwhelming to the naked eye. Instead of using an overload of graphics, utilize white space to highlight the most important information. Negative space will make your brand’s message pop!
  • Bold Fonts + Contrasting Colors = Your Business Getting Noticed Your business isn’t bland, so your vinyl graphics shouldn’t be either. Utilizing bold fonts and contrasting colors will make your vehicle wraps stand out among other cars.
  • The Importance of Imagery From a young age, people are trained to associate colors and symbols with their meanings. Using imagery on your vinyl graphics can be as simple as making text about a sale bright red or using a symbol that represents your business. For example, if your business sells cell phones, you can use an imagine of an iPhone in your logo.
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