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The Benefits of Retail Wraps


Retail graphics transform a space into an environment. Retail wraps, like wall, window, floor, and point-of-purchase (POP) wraps, will not only help brand the space of your retail store, but also help create new purchases.

Get your customer into the store with beautiful, vivid, and high quality window wraps. These types of retail wraps can be applied to either side of the window, to engage both customers inside and outside the store.

Both floor and wall wraps can help contribute to impulse purchases inside the store by advertising certain products and sales. Wall wraps can also help protect the walls of the store and do not damage the surfaces they are applied to. Floor wraps are an extremely effective way to engage the potential customer because they are unique and easy to see.

Point-of-purchase (POP) wraps are another way to help create more impulse buys, particularly by the register. In addition to adding to the retail environment, they can also be used during events to promote your brand wherever it goes.

JMR Graphics can make over any space into a well-branded environment that improves a shopping experience. Contact us today and we can help transform your store!

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