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Using a Vehicle Wrap to Increase Online Sales Activate Drinks Vehicle Wrap

When conceptualizing for your next vehicle wrap design, keep in mind that most consumers have to be told what to do. For example: “Follow us on facebook,” “visit our website,” “contact us today,” etc. In the advertising world we call that a “call to action.” A message directly to the consumer that urges them to take immediate action. Containing a “call to action” on your vehicle wrap will give someone the extra push they need to act on your message or promotion. 

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A blank canvas is only good for what you can put on it. Why not take advantage of the advertising space you already have? Natures Bounty Vinyl Graphics

Every year the US trucking industry moves over 18 million tons of products, from soft drinks to mattresses.  That’s a lot of trucks and a lot of advertising space just waiting to be filled. At JMR graphics, we can help you turn that space into a valuable impression of your brand. We wrap your vehicles with only the highest quality vinyl graphics to make your products standout.

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Stay Current. Be Memorable. Use Vinyl Graphics. collage

Vinyl graphics is quickly becoming one of the leading forms of advertising because of its versatility, aesthetic, cost, and return on investment. Vinyl graphics allows you to directly apply your graphics to just about any size, type, texture or shape of surface. Whether its wrapping a fleet of vehicles, advertising on a bus, decorating the interior of your retail stores with vinyl wall decals, or anything else you can think of, this material allows your marketing and design team to get extremely creative with how they want to advertise your brand (weekly blog posts on All Wrapped Up will show examples of some of the work that gets printed by JMR Graphics. Subscribe to stay updated). 

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Where do I get my vinyl graphics printed? How does the process work? JMR Graphics Inc. Your number one vinyl graphics printer

This is a custom business. Here at JMR Graphics we pride ourselves in creating graphical solutions at the highest of industry standards that will help elevate your company to the next level. Building strong client relationships is important to us, so we do our best to ensure that your experience with us is a pleasurable one.

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Damaged Vehicle Graphics Weighing You Down? Signs That Show You Might Need New Graphics. Damaged Graphics

There are different types of vinyl used for each application. Be aware of what’s needed for your application to ensure the success of your graphics. Here are a few signs that show you might need new graphics.

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2% Cash Back On All Of Your Graphics Receive 2% Cash Back

We love our clients and take pride in building strong relationships. We’d like to offer you 2% off on all of your graphics when you display our “proudly printed by JMR Graphics logo on your graphics.”

Depending on the artwork we have a white and a black six inch logo that will be displayed on the bottom left of the graphics. We know times are tough and this will give you a little break to help your budget.

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