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Summer is a Great Time for Businesses to Capitalize on Consumers Being Outside!


Do you have any plans for the 4th of July? Plenty of other people do! As one of the biggest weekends of the summer, this is a prime time for businesses to increase their presence through vehicle wrapping. Businesses catering to travel, tourist and leisure activities should capitalize on this opportunity to reach a wide variety of consumers.

Beverage companies are already jumping on the chance to tailor their products on this usually hot, scorching weekend. Stella Artois and Costa Coffee are using “weather activated outdoor ads” that adjust to changing conditions and up to date information. Stella Artois will be using a temperature sensitive campaign, where their advertisement will be present when the temperature is two degrees higher than average in that specific location.

This kind of advertising can hone in on certain conditions and better promote their product or service to consumers who otherwise might not have considered before. TJ Pannell, a representative from JMR Graphics, believes this is a creative and clever way to better target an audience, “These brands are smart in advertising their products in a way that will stick with consumers. To stand out today, you need to think outside of the box which is exactly what they did.”

Take advantage of this hot and sticky weekend to get your products to stick to your consumers!

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