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Strategic Ad Placement: Static or Mobile?

JMR Graphics Oil Tanker Wraps

Advertising is a key component to any successful business, but many businesses miss the mark on where they should be placing their ads in order to reach a large audience. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” approach to this issue, so it is vital to look inward before you move outward. What type of industry are you in? Do you own a fleet of vehicles that are always on the go? Do you own multiple brick and mortar locations with large windows or open floor space? Identifying what kind of business you operate is the first step in successful ad placement.

Typically, plumbing and heating, tree cutting services, electrical, landscapers, and other manual labor businesses own several vehicles that are always out and about heading to their next appointment. For these businesses, vehicle graphics are a great way to spread brand awareness. A single vehicle graphic can generate tens of thousands of impressions each day for your business for a significantly lower cost than renting an easy-to-miss, stationary billboard on the side of the highway.

Shifting to brick and mortar locations, whether it is a hardware store, smoothie bar, or a fitness center, attracting new consumers can be a challenge. One of the most effective ways to separate yourself from your competitors is to showcase your brand by applying large vinyl graphics to the front and sides of your building. Displaying your brand with captivating designs allows the customer to see vivid artwork and colors right as they walk into your store. Untimely, this will enable them to recognize your brand and, hopefully, lead to them purchase your product/service. It also gives the consumer a sense of what your business is about. Just having your business name above your door wont draw anybody’s attention and gives them little idea of what kind of environment they are about to enter.

Communicating your brand to your existing and potential customers through creative imagery can really boost traffic to your store front location. With small businesses in all kinds of industries competing for every inch of market share, advertisements that are strategically placed will benefit your business by increasing your daily reach.

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