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Steal the Spotlight at your Next Outdoor Event

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Here at JMR we love events! They create the perfect environment to take advantage of all the different types of graphics we produce. We can combine multiple different graphic applications for the same event. For example, combining a wrapped vehicle, a large floor graphic and POP graphics can create an extremely effective marketing atmosphere. Here are a few of the types of graphics you might want to use at your next event:

1)      Floor Graphics: Our high-quality floor graphics are an excellent choice to literally stop passerby in their tracks! At events, majority of people are walking, making live events prime opportunities for utilizing eye-catching floor ads. And don’t worry; our floor graphics can withstand the foot traffic!

2)      POP: POP graphics can be useful in covering the smaller advertising surfaces at an event, such as carts, coolers, tables and booths.  They are best used in tandem with other graphics to create a more resounding atmosphere that immerses potential consumers into your brand.

3)      RV Graphics: For outdoor events, like the Snapple event shown in the picture above, we can do RV wraps that draw attention to your event and showcase your brand. The size of the RVs along with the right color choices and images will make it almost guaranteed that anyone walking by will notice your advertisement and be enticed to check it out!

With the help from our eye-catching graphics, you won’t need to worry about being overlooked at your next event. Our beautiful vinyl graphics will help display your brand proudly in front of crowds of people, where they are most visible and have a lasting impression. Contact us today!

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