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Stand Out Amongst Competitors on the Store Floor


Obtaining floor real estate in any retail store can cost a nice amount of cash, especially for those prime locations. The end cap displays are like waterfront homes, standing in the forefront and receiving all of the attention customers as they walk through the store’s front door. Then, there are all the competitive neighbors trying to steal the spotlight. If you are not prepared, you better believe potential customers will look over your product and towards the colorful displays that scream “Try me. I look good and I am delicious.”

As you can see from our Kozy Shack display case, it can be hard to grab attention from the best looking display in such a hostile environment. Your brand needs to renovate and pull those eyes away from the undeserving towards your delicious treat. Our Kozy Shack displays exhibit the best quality in color and application in the vinyl graphics market. JMR Graphics can help you with those renovations using custom vinyl graphics that stand above all in premium quality and commitment.

With our custom vinyl graphics, your point of purchase displays will be wrapped in the highest quality materials reigning supreme by our industry standards. All of our inks, materials, and machines are specified by 3M and are installed by 3M certified installers. All installations are protected under the 3M MCS warranty so if there is any fading, cracking or peeling it will be replaced.

JMR Graphics also has the ability to work with your schedule and install vinyl graphics across the country. If you have point of purchase displays across the lands of America, we can utilize our turnkey process to deliver your newly made graphics on time. Our teams will even work alongside you to create compelling designs made to make a statement.

It is important to make sure you are noticed on the retail floor. Let JMR Graphics bring you that attention with our vinyl graphics.

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