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Spot Graphics: Displaying your Brand on a Budget!

spot blog

Are you small business or start up company looking to create brand awareness without having to empty your wallet? Spot graphics may be the answer for you! Vehicles like buses or trucks have a LOT of square footage to cover, making them options that could be out of a smaller company’s financial reach. This is why spot graphics could be a more cost-effective alternative for small companies looking to generate impressions without breaking their bank.

The Hummer vehicles for Speedo Sports Water, like the one pictured above, are pretty large in size. With our spot graphics, we adhered custom-made graphics to specific locations based upon the calculation and requested location from the client!

At JMR Graphics we want our clients to feel comfortable every step of the process, from our first talk to the finished product. Our team will work with your budget to ensure your brand will be seen across all types of vehicles, big or small. We also have 3M certified installers to make sure your high quality vinyl graphic is placed properly with no error. Even if your graphic has complicated twists and turns, JMR Graphics has the ability to make it happen! Our experienced technicians can computer cut your vinyl graphics ensuring high quality and detail.

Do you have large vehicles you want to advertise on, but don’t have the budget to do so? Let JMR Graphics guide you to the most cost efficient way of displaying your brand on your fleet with vinyl wraps.

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