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Sometimes, Simplicity is Key!

5-29 blog

You don’t need a lot of flash to get your brand name out there! Sometimes a big flashy graphic is the way to go – but you can still make a big impression by keeping it simple. Take a look at this trailer that we made for Sleepy’s. They included the company name, slogan, website and phone number in their trailer graphic. Sometimes that’s all you need!

Trailers make a big impression – they can be up to 53 feet long. That’s a billboard on the go for your brand! Trailers travel long distances spreading the word of your brand over an immense distance and to a lot of people. The height of the trailer also gives you more visibility, whether it’s a bright, busy graphic or a simple, bold design.

No project is too big for JMR Graphics, so if you’re thinking of a vinyl graphic for a trailer, come see us! We work with certified installers throughout the country to meet whatever requirements you need. Our creative team will also work with you to come up with the perfect design to fit your brand and its advertising goals. Complex or simple – we’ll work with you through the whole process.

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