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Sky’s the Limit!

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Are you interested in our graphics, but don’t see exactly what you want in our portfolio? Rest assured. We are able to put our high-quality graphics on just about any surface you desire.  Our experts have worked on and applied custom vinyl decals to trucks, buses, cars, containers, floors, and more in the past. We are ready to make your blank canvas an eye-catching advertisement today!

Here at JMR we do not limit ourselves to wrapping vehicles. We understand that vinyl wraps can benefit your company in other ways. We have taken spaces that vinyl advertisements are not traditionally found and turned them into attention-grabbing, colorful displays.

One example of this is wrapping the side of a building with an advertisement. Traditionally, a different form of advertising, such as a poster or a text sign, would be used on the side of a building. However, these advertising methods are imperfect. Signs lack notability and are easily overlooked, while posters are not weather resistant and suffer from a rapid decay in quality. Covering a section of your building with a vinyl wrap, similar to one of our vehicle wraps, would eliminate these problems. Our wraps are large, vibrant, attention-drawing, and maintain their quality for long periods of time.

Maybe you would like an advertisement placed on an uneven surface; we can do it! Our advertisement for Bravo’s television series Top Design is an example of us adapting our graphics to an adverse situation. By printing out multiple strips of our 3M vinyl adhesive material, we were able to create an advertisement that demanded attention from people walking the staircase, as well as those walking by in a highly-trafficked area!

Contact us today and we will make a graphic that fits your specific needs! Sky’s the limit!

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