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Show Off In Front of a Grand Sporting Event


Sporting events create a perfect environment for advertising to flourish and gather tons of visibility and awareness. There are many places custom vinyl graphics can be used for advertisement but what says look at my brand better than your ad spread out over Wrigley Field with an audience of thousands upon thousands? Graphics are constantly being used on the sidelines of football fields, basketball courts and ice hockey rinks and with the Super Bowl coming up and the return of Hockey, vinyl graphic advertising never seemed so good.

Special advertising areas within stadiums and rinks also receive great air time on the most popular television networks, expanding your reach to infinite corners of the consumer world. I believe the reward of such visibility is self-explanatory. Why not get into the middle of the action as well?

Our client Fresh Express holds the glory of covering one of the NHL’s great Zambonis. Talk about being the center of attention. Who would ever think romaine lettuce could look so good? To get the best advertising seat in the house you need to come in your Sunday best, especially if you want to make an impression on thousands of fans. JMR Graphics can give you that extra punch (no hockey puns intended) with color and quality.

JMR Graphics can promise you inks and materials that are of the highest industry standards to make your first live performance jaw dropping. Your custom vinyl graphics will look astonishing every time with JMR on the job. With our 3M specified materials, your graphics will remain resilient to outside factors with protective laminate looking like Fresh Greens’ wholesome head of lettuce every time.

If there is any damage to our custom graphics, our 3M certified installers will replace those graphics with new ones. All JMR graphics are backed by the 3M MCS warranty, so don’t worry about us leaving you sweating out under the Friday night lights. JMR Graphics will always be there for you with the best customer service.

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