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Design Approach: Simple vs. Complex Rethink Water

When a business is deciding how they want their products and/or services advertised to their target market, it must decide what the best design approach is. Determining the best approach requires an in-depth look at a few key factors that help shape the overall message or goal that the company is trying to spread to consumers. 

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Strategic Ad Placement: Static or Mobile? JMR Graphics Oil Tanker Wraps

Advertising is a key component to any successful business, but many businesses miss the mark on where they should be placing their ads in order to reach a large audience. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” approach to this issue, so it is vital to look inward before you move outward. What type of industry are you in? Do you own a fleet of vehicles that are always on the go? Do you own multiple brick and mortar locations with large windows or open floor space? Identifying what kind of business you operate is the first step in successful ad placement.

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Vehicle Wrap Statistics: What Do They Mean for Your Business? 20170110_120429_resized

Data is a beautiful thing for businesses of all sizes. Aside from knowing what data to collect, it is of the utmost importance to know how to use that data to benefit your business. There is no shortage of data regarding the efficacy of vehicle wraps, and each statistic demonstrates how powerful of a marketing tool vinyl graphics can be. Here are 5 examples of vehicle wrap statistics and what they mean for your business!

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