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Optimizing Ad Placement in Airports


Travelers generally have some down time while flying the friendly skies. Most commercial airline travelers spend up to two hours at the airport during a single trip, which means more time of possible exposure for your ad. You’ll have a captive audience as people explore the airport until their flight.

If you are selling a product/ service that targets people who travel frequently for business or leisure, Airport advertising is a smart choice. Airport ads provide exposure to an affluent audience that can afford to travel and purchase the product or service being advertised. Whether you’re trying to raise awareness about your brand, product or service, or encourage an impulsive purchase. Airport ads are the way to go.

There are usually varieties of formats and locations that are best suited for your campaign or business.

1. Place your ad throughout terminals in arrival and departure areas, ticketing areas, baggage claim, and VIP lounges.
2. Interior displays can be freestanding or affixed to walls, windows, columns, ceilings or floors throughout the airport.
3. Exterior displays are available along airport/terminal roadways.

In the above image the Singapore Flyer selects the best place for its publicity. While travelers are waiting for their flight or new arrivals are coming in, they will see the graphic for the Singapore Flyer. As a new guest to the area, this will hopefully create buzz and draw tourist to this exciting attraction.

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