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No Sun, No Problem


Vehicle wraps are a great way to get your brand noticed around your community. However, with winter on the way, advertising time will be limited by the decreasing amount of daylight. With help from our highly reflective vinyl graphics, we can light up your brand 24/7/365!

Our reflective graphics will make sure the sun doesn’t set on your brand. Actually, reflective graphics are more likely to be seen at night than regular vehicle wraps would be noticed in the daytime.

Take a look at the PC Richard & Sons van above, equipped with our highly reflective vinyl graphics. While other vehicles’ advertisements are left in the dark, the PC Richard & Sons van is proudly displaying their logo, leaving an impression on those driving by. With a combination of our vinyl reflective decals and our reflective lettering, we can make you a wrap that is just as eye-catching and attention grabbing as this PC Richard van.

Reflective graphics put you ahead of the competition! If you are considering a vehicle wrap to advertise for your company, look no further than JMR’s reflective graphics. Contact us today!

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