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Minimal Design and It’s Place In The Modern World


Minimalism is all about emphasizing. But when people begin to emphasize everything, nothing ends up emphasized. The middle-ground is always the designers goal; minimal enough to emphasize the point, but not too minimal as to convey your message poorly.

Some people feel Minimal design is only effective for larger more established brands that already have a solidified message to the public, but that is not always the case. In some cases, minimalist approaches to design can emphasize your brand if a flashy logo is involved and is truly highlighted through the contrast of minimalism. For example, this BurkeHeat truck makes use of negative space by keeping it to their logo and tagline. Along with a small web address in the top right corner, most of the emphasis falls on the image in the center.

BurkeEnergy is a quality example of a company that uses this technique well, with their cartoon home logo. As BurkeEnergy (the parent company of BurkeHeat) their logo is comprised of a cartoon home on what looks like a sunrise background of their color palette, green & yellow. For their Heating division, BurkeHeat (Pictured Above) they transformed the sunrise into a scarf around the base of the home. This conveys heating to anyone at first glance, and is only reinforced by the name BurkeHeat. The emphasis on their house graphic is a great technique to build their brand, as any time you see a cartoon home made up of white, yellow, and green, you will think BurkeEnergy.

Minimalism is an art that is sometimes lost in the modern complexities of graphics design, but when used sparingly and correctly, can make a big splash. Finding that middle-ground between too much and too little is a struggle all designers face, and will only ever be overcome with time, patience, and good inspiration.

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