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Mass Transit = Mass Awareness

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You can have the best product or service in the world, but you are not going to make money if nobody knows about it! Brand recognition is extremely important to the success of a brand. Thankfully, years of experience in the advertising business has revealed that there is a simple solution to this problem: mass transit advertising.

Mass transit advertising has three major benefits:

1) Mass transit ads reach enormous amounts of people. Thousands of people use mass transit every day. With certain types of transportation, reach is not limited to only riders.  In the case of buses specifically, tons of drivers and pedestrians will be exposed to your brand. Since most mass transit hubs are based in cities, the number of people reached is further increased!

2) Mass transit allows for large advertising spaces. Though a floor graphic or sign in a public place might reach an equal amount of impressionable persons, the sheer size of mass transit ads give them an advantage. They are literally moving billboards!

3) Mass transit ads are also incredibly cheap considering all that they accomplish.  Compared to other forms of advertising, like TV and radio commercials, newspaper ads, and signs, mass transit advertising is much cheaper per impression. It is safe to say mass transit advertisements are the cheapest and easiest way to quickly gain substantial brand recognition. Talk about great ROI!

With help from JMR you can see your brand on the side of a bus or train. Take the Big Bang Theory bus above as an example. The huge and vibrant vinyl ad drew the attention of all nearby, planting a seed in the back of each and every one of their minds to act on their impression, and tune in on Mondays.

The same sort of brand recognition can be enjoyed by your brand. Contact us today!

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