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Long-Lasting Commitment: Our Strong Relationship with North Fork Express


Commitment to our customers is one of our most important goals and it rings in our mission: to continue to grow with our clients and build strong relationships. When a bond is made with JMR Graphics we put every last bit of effort we have into making your brand come to life and grow up with it along the way.

One of our most loyal customers, North Fork Express, has been with us for over 20 years. And, it has been a phenomenal one. The reason for this strong relationship stems from our drive to go the distance in customer service and to always communicate with each other. We grew together with North Fork Express and experienced all of their branding changes. That is why we were able to understand their brand in its entirety and how to truly convey what their message is through our high quality full-wrap graphics. The prime example of this understanding we have is in the photo above showing off their new and updated look.

Developing that long-lasting relationship also carries other benefits that create a deeper connection. As we work together with our clients, we recognize that deadlines need to be met which may involve a large amount of work. We have the capacity to fully wrap corporate fleets all the way from design to installation. North Fork Express needed approximately 30 tour bus full wraps and we were there to get the job done remaining cost effective and efficient. JMR will always be with the client every step of the way.

Are you currently in the middle of re-branding your fleet? Do you need help for the long-haul? We have the ability and commitment to walk alongside you.

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