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JMR Offers More than Just Vehicle Graphics


Modern graphics are an essential part of a business’s advertising strategy. However, there are many ways for companies to expand their marketing strategies offered by JMR Graphics that go beyond vehicle graphics. JMR Graphics offers vinyl wraps on elevator doors, street decals, walls, decals, banners and more. 

Imagine a group of people on vacation in the local area where you’re hosting your event. While they’re on the way up to their hotel room, looking for something to do, right on the elevator doors is your advertisements. What better way to grab their attention!


To ensure people develop a lasting memory of your ad, the message should be short, featuring an effective layout and a memorable design. Companies that rely too much on text to promote their brand lose customers because people cannot clearly identify what makes the brand stand out from its competitors.


To create a powerful brand identity, the graphics must offer the consumer consistency and reliability. It should feature the same logo, colors and designs as the company website and other marketing tools.


At JMR Graphics, we have one goal in mind, to help you advertise on a variety of surfaces that fit your individual desires and needs. We have a vast variety of mediums to help you get the look you want. Whether you have a car, a truck, an elevator, or a special spot along the wall in mind you’d like to see your product or service exploited to the world, JMR Graphics is the place to deliver exactly what you need.

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