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Increasing Your Curb Appeal


Every business owner knows how hard it is to obtain new clients or customers. Marketing and differentiating your product or service from the competition can be a very costly endeavor. However, having your business stand out from the rest does not have to be expensive. A simple, yet effective store front graphic can increase customer walk-ins and lead to more sales.

Imagine yourself walking in an unfamiliar town with many storefronts and you want to get something to eat. Would you be more inclined to walk into a restaurant with graphics of a delicious entrée or a place with just the name of the business?

Aesthetically pleasing graphics are extremely important to draw the attention of walk-ins and drive-bys. In the graphic above, the large storefront graphic does just that. With the very large image of the medicine balls and company message, this gym would stand out to anyone that would happen to walk or drive-by.

Take a look outside of your business. If you did not work there, would you know what your business sold, want to walk inside? How are you attracting new business to walk into your store? A creative window or storefront graphic is essential to help stand out from the competition and hopefully increase sales.

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