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How to Properly Balance Content and Space on Your Company’s Vehicle Wraps


Are you unsure of how to utilize the space on your vehicle wrap effectively? Many find that they run into issues with busy designs, lackluster content, and the inability to be memorable. The perfect vehicle wrap requires a balance of these five aspects. With this balance, your wrap will be effective, memorable, and help get your business moving forward.

1. Company logo: It is imperative to have your company’s logo and/or slogan on the wrap for the sake of brand recognition and association.

2. Contact information: Ideally, some action should be taken on the audience’s side. Be sure to list locations, a phone number, and/or a website they can visit to ensure action from the audience.

3. Branded design: The design of a wrap should always coincide with the brand’s overall visual branding. Likewise, the copy should echo the brand voice.

4. Less can be more: Clutter can deter and confuse people. Try to keep your wrap organized and well thought out. Only display that which is necessary.

5. Creativity counts: The easiest way to make a wrap memorable is through creative design. Without going overboard, add some creative and punchy elements, such as clever copy or eye-catching imagery.

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