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How to Make Your Vehicle Wrap POP!


With most companies utilizing vehicle wraps, how can you make yours stand out from the crowd?  Many believe that flashy colors or lots of text can set their brand apart. However, this could actually hurt your initiative; colors can blend together, messages can get lost, and you only have a few seconds to grab attention, convey a message, and leave an impression.  Consider some of these tips that can make your wrap pop! 

Rather than having an exhausting amount of text, try using a short catch­phrase, your brand’s name, and contact information.  Anything more and your message may get lost. Increase your company’s exposure by limiting what potential customers have to look at.

Not every part of the car can be or should be wrapped at all times. Chrome bumpers, window trim, and other equipment probably should not be covered.  More importantly, less can often be more.  Sometimes a spot graphic is all your vehicle and brand will need to stand out and get the message across.

Try to be memorable with a unique design that is not busy or too abstract.  Unique and engaging logos can stick in potential customers’ heads.

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