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How to Choose the Right Color Scheme for Your Brand’s Graphics


Color is a powerful tool in branding and advertising.  Companies spend millions of dollars researching the subtle, yet powerful effects of different colors on consumers.  This marketing research has found that color accounts for up to 60% of a consumer’s impression, making color one of the most important components to consider when thinking about your brand and how it should be advertised.

When looking closer to certain industries, it becomes clear that many companies have already utilized the power of color into their brand.  The fast food industry, for example, often utilizes reds, yellows, and oranges. Together these colors evoke a feeling of excitement and stimulate the appetite.  On the flip side, researchers have found when eating on a blue plate, people tend to eat less than they would if served a yellow or red plate.  In fact, many banks utilize blues in their logos to suggest responsibility and security.

When designing your brand and its advertising efforts, it is important to consider the colors you are using and what effect they have on the consumer.  Here are some colors and their associated motions and reactions:

Blue: trust, responsibility, authority, belonging, security, reliability, trustworthiness

Black: class, elegance, mystery, seduction, sophistication

Red: danger, love, excitement, passion, strength

Green: abundance, nature, healing, fertility, calm, wealth, fresh

Purple: spirituality, dignity, royalty

Pink: soft, nurturing, security, sweetness

White: truthfulness, peace, youthful, purity, refreshing, cleanliness

Yellow: cheer, warmth, happiness

Orange: playfulness, warmth, vibrancy

Do any of these colors speak to your brand?  JMR Graphics can put graphics to work for your brand with colors that tell your brand’s unique story.  Contact us today and our professionals will help you design a wrap that speaks directly to your brand.

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