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How To Care For Your Wraps


Taking care of your vehicle wrap is imperative. It is your brand’s message to the world and if it is not clean, it can send a negative message.

Some may be hesitant to wash their wrapped vehicle, fearing it could ruin the vinyl. However, there are ways to clean a vehicle wrap without damaging it. When washing your wrapped vehicle, it is best to do so by hand. Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth and an alcohol-free cleaner. After washing and rinsing, allow the vehicle to air-dry. If washing by hand is not an option, opt for touch-free automatic car washes, but be sure to avoid pressure washers and heat dryers.

If at any point you notice slight lifting of the vinyl, do not panic. This can easily be mended with a tape primer or another adhesion promoter, then carefully pressed back into place.

The graphics applied to the windows of vehicles are made of perforated vinyl. Some simple rules to remember about window graphics are: not to open or roll down the windows, not to use heating or defrosting elements, and not to use windshield wipers on covered windows.

Caring for your vehicle wrap is easy! Contact us here at JMR Graphics if you have any questions about wraps and how to care for them.

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