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A commonly asked question in the vinyl decal industry is: How do I avoid having my vehicle graphics failing? Besides coming to JMR Graphics for all of your vinyl decal needs, there are several factors involved. Don’t worry, we are going to explain the process for you. 

The first order of business is knowing your application. Knowing which type of surface the vinyl graphics are being applied to and what they are going to be used for.  For example wrapping a vehicle with extreme curves requires a different grade of vinyl then applying a wall decal in your retail store.

When applying graphics to a vehicle there are more risks of failure then installing a graphic on the flat surface of a wall. Protruding objects on vehicles can pose an issue with adhesion, it is important that squeegee pressure is applied properly and extreme curves need to be thoroughly cleaned.

Secondly, what is the expected shelf life of the vinyl graphics? Do I need a short-

term or a long term application? Do I need graffiti resistant vinyl graphics?

For a standard vehicle wrap on a box truck a long-term vinyl is more valuable. Lamination is an important step in maintaining the shelf life of your graphic, without laminate the print quickly fades off the vinyl. Using the proper inks or over laminate to protect the graphics is a very important step to the creation of a graphic. JMR Graphics are here to help you make all of the right decisions.

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