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Using a Vehicle Wrap to Increase Online Sales

Activate Drinks Vehicle Wrap

When conceptualizing for your next vehicle wrap design, keep in mind that most consumers have to be told what to do. For example: “Follow us on facebook,” “visit our website,” “contact us today,” etc. In the advertising world we call that a “call to action.” A message directly to the consumer that urges them to take immediate action. Containing a “call to action” on your vehicle wrap will give someone the extra push they need to act on your message or promotion. 

Another way to drive traffic to your website to ultimately increase online sales is to contain a qr code on your vehicle graphics. For those of you who do not know what that is let us tell you. A qr code is a Quick Response code for a type of barcode. This allows any individual with a smart phone to scan the barcode on your car or vehicle graphics and have it direct them to your website, a mobile app, or a promotion. This is a trending new method of advertising because of its uniqueness and effectiveness. This can also be used on other forms of vinyl graphics, not just vehicle wraps. They have been used on vinyl wall decals, floor graphics, window stickers and decals, and other vinyl wraps.

It is important to choose a vinyl graphics printing company and a marketing and design team that has experience with outdoor advertising. We have 30 years of experience printing vinyl decals. We also team up with a creative agency the provides all of the outdoor advertising services you could ask for. Making us the top outdoor advertising team out there. Contact JMR Graphics and Huemor Designs today to start to re-shape your brand.

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