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Hot New Out of Home Advertising Trends Your Business Needs to Be Aware Of


Out of home marketing is not a new concept. However, new innovations are being utilized and created every day. Below are some out of home advertising trends your business needs to be aware of.

Proper placement of your business’s website and phone number is important when designing a wrap. To keep up with the more technologically advanced public, another step should be taken to increase and encourage engagement. Engaging the audience’s sense is imperative to gaining their interest. Including something like a QR code on your wrap that leads to a video or a specific webpage can increase and improve consumer interaction with your business.

Using a QR code that leads a potential consumer to your website or your social media pages can improve engagement and better acquaint the consumer with your company’s services and values.

Green marketing, or ‘greening’ is the process of transitioning a company’s practices and products to more environmentally friendly options. Greening helps businesses reduce toxicity, improve re-usability, and supply biodegradable options. JMR Graphics offers green alternatives, like green substrates and PVC-free films. Contact us today for more information on greening and other trends.

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