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Hats Off To Effective Graphics!


It’s graduation time – that means celebration and cake! And Carvel’s got it. This truck wrap that we made for Carvel advertises cakes that they make for various special occasions – from graduations to birthday to anniversaries. Does your brand cater to specific events around the year? Get a vehicle wrap to advertise to people who are looking to get ready for that special occasion!

Carvel knows that many of the biggest fans of their ice cream cakes are kids so they used bright, fun colors to make their advertisement pop. The ad says “On our way to a grocery store near you” so that parents know that they don’t have to find a Carvel location to get one – they just have to go to their local supermarket!

This truck wrap does it all right, from getting your attention to directing you to where you can find the product.  Do you need help creating a vehicle graphic to do the same for your business? Our creative team will help design your wrap to get the most attention and business. We only use the best materials to make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for in a car wrap. Come to JMR Graphics today to see how your brand can gain exposure on the road!

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