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Four Ways to Pump Up Your Labor Day Sales

JMR Graphics Macys

Labor Day is almost here and you know what that means…sales! Labor Day Sales are a great way to boost your store’s revenue and make some extra money. To ensure that you’ll get people in the door, it’s vital to create a marketing plan in advance. This marketing plan should include what you plan to advertise, what mediums you plan to advertise on, and who you’re advertising to. Your ultimate goal is to get customers excited for your sales! Follow these four tips and your business is guaranteed to thrive this Labor Day:

  1. In-Store Ads Placing vinyl graphic advertisements throughout your store is a surefire way to make customers aware of your deals. These signs should say statements like “$40 Off When You Spend $200” or “Buy 2 Get 1 Free.” Wording like this will encourage people to spend a certain amount of money at your store. This will benefit you because customers will usually end up spending even more! Bottom line, if your audience is aware of your sales they will take advantage of them.
  2. Attract Those Passing By Window graphics can, and will attract walk-by and drive-by customers. If your advertisements are appealing, people will be interested. To make sure that your ads catch the eye of those passing by, use bold font and contrasting colors. Simple messages that are easy to understand are the most effective, as people need to be able to understand them quickly as they are passing.
  3. Create Urgency Your vinyl graphics should make it obvious to customers that your sales are for Labor Day weekend and Labor Day weekend only. To make this evident, all of your floor stands, fixture banners, wall, door, and floor clings should have a cohesive message. This will trigger people to make impulse purchases because there is an incentive to do so, time is running out. To get customers back in your store after Labor Day sales end, give out bounce-back coupons. These allow you to save, then give you a reward if you come back within a certain amount of time. This Labor Day, give patrons a reason to return to your store.
  4. Target Your Audience! Car wraps are an easy way to spread your message. Simply cover your vehicles in vinyl graphics that display your promotions and you’ll gain new customers left and right! All you have to do is travel your normal route and new people will be exposed to your business. In addition to this, driving and parking in locations where your target audience is will get you loads of important impressions. High frequency areas such as malls and stadiums are great places to promote! This Labor Day, turn your car into a mobile billboard and you won’t regret it!



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