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Food Imagery and It’s Effect on Your Advertisement


Too many companies struggle with a creative approach to their advertisements when first conceptualizing a campaign. Sadly, at times, lack of creative direction provides nothing more than a logo across your average solid backdrop, occasionally with the addition of simple text. This approach, although somewhat effective, holds no comparison to using vibrant imagery, and catchy phrasing, to grab the viewers’ attention.

Fast food, such as McDonald’s or Burger King, do this all too well, using imagery, text, and color combinations to pull together the whole message and get it out to the consumer. Giants like these focus so much on their imagery that they are known to hire “Food Stylists” to set up props, looking better than the original yet conveying the same purpose. For example, steam is replaced with torn and microwaved pieces of cotton. Because steam is difficult to capture on camera, it is replaced with an opaque cloudy substance, which photographs much better in comparison.

In the advertisement above, Hale and Hearty makes good use of their food imagery. Known for their famous soups, they focus on this specifically with a large scale shot of a steaming bowl. Using high quality pictures like these really help give the viewer a reason to come and try the food they’re seeing. When people see food imagery in an advertisement before they taste the food, they are more likely to enjoy it when they ultimately indulge. 67% of consumers even say the quality of the image is crucial in deciding whether or not to dine at your eatery.

Ultimately, the use of food imagery in advertising is key to playing into the psychology of your consumer and driving sales at your establishment. When conceptualizing your next campaign make sure to consider all possible images that show your dishes at their best, no exceptions.

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