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Design Approach: Simple vs. Complex

Rethink Water

When a business is deciding how they want their products and/or services advertised to their target market, it must decide what the best design approach is. Determining the best approach requires an in-depth look at a few key factors that help shape the overall message or goal that the company is trying to spread to consumers. 

  1. What are you selling? Besides showcasing your brand name, what is your business known for? For products like Coca-Cola or Sabrett hot dogs, designs should be simple and straightforward, as these are already well-known brands. Trying to make too intricate of a design will only distract consumers from knowing what your company is offering. On the flip side, a smaller, local pool store may want to invest in more creative designs that will attract consumers who are unaware of the brand name or what they offer.
  2. Who is the target audience? Identifying your target audience is crucial when deciding how to go about your design. Oftentimes, bands and music artists have large trailers outside their concerts promoting their brand with various memorabilia for sale. Hip-hop and solo artists, like Justin Bieber, attract primarily teens and young adults to their concerts, so the trailer graphic selling their merchandise should be wrapped with a flashy and creative design with bright colors and backdrops as well as bold fonts to attract the maximum number of consumers to the trailer. On the contrary, a hardware store who typically does business with middle-aged men may not need to invest or create a complex design in order to get customers to come through the door.
  3. Where is your graphic design being placed? Whether it’s a car graphic, truck graphic, trailer graphic, or store front glass, each option has a finite amount of space. Planning and designing a vinyl graphic must consider the amount of real estate you have and what information and imagery you want your consumers to see. Failure to do this can lead to your advertisement being either over crowded or left with large gaps of unused space. Finding the right balance is paramount with graphic work.
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